The best way to clean the sofa
The types of stains in sofas differ, and the cleaning methods also differ, as each type of fabric has different cleaning methods from the other.

And you should be fully aware of the best ways to clean the sofa, as well as the best safe and effective cleaning materials.

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Latest sofa cleaning methods
Sofa cleaning methods differ in terms of the type of fabric into two different types:

Sofa dry cleaning
It is the most suitable type of cleaning for velvet, cotton and silk sofas.

wet cleaning
This type of cleaning is suitable for cotton and acrylic sofas.

Dry foam sofa cleaning
It is considered one of the latest methods of cleaning sofas, which does not depend on the use of heavy water.

In this method, we use a sofa cleaner that produces a lot of foam,

With the addition of an amount of water not exceeding 5%, and the sofa is wiped with a cotton towel to remove the stains completely.

Ways to clean the sofa from stains
It is considered the best way to clean the sofa from difficult stains and with natural materials that preserve the different fabrics of the sofa.

It is considered one of the best ways to clean fabric sofas from stains, clean leather sofas, and clean light sofas from stains

It can be used with most materials, which is by making a mixture of ¾ cup of warm water to a quarter cup of vinegar

Add a spoonful of dishwashing liquid and use a cotton pad to wipe the stains in one direction and they will be completely gone.

How to clean velvet sofa
Chemicals, bleaching agents and stain removal are considered dangerous things for cleaning velvet sofas.

Where it is preferable to use natural materials and we offer you:

The best natural way to clean velvet sofas
The best mixture of natural materials used to clean velvet sofas:

2 tablespoons of baking soda with lemon juice and mix well,

What is the method of cleaning velvet sofas?
Using a cotton pad, wipe the stains in one direction and they will disappear completely.

How to clean chamois sofa
Chamois is a delicate natural leather, and it is preferable not to expose it to water to a large extent, and also not to use chemicals to clean it,

There are special cleaning materials available in the market for cleaning chamois sofas, and it is preferable to use them to preserve the material of the sofa.

How to clean chamois sofas with natural materials
You can make a mixture of white vinegar with water at a ratio of 50/50, and even a cotton pad with the mixture.

Wipe the spots in one direction and the spots will disappear completely.

How to clean satin sofas
Satin sofas are very delicate materials that need special care in cleaning.

It is necessary to purchase a product specifically for cleaning satin sofas, but rather a cotton towel with detergent and wipe in one direction.

Leave the stain until it dries completely and you will find that it has completely disappeared.

You can also use the expertise of a specialized company such as:

The best steam cleaning company in Jeddah

Steam cleaning of the sofa
Steam cleaning is one of the best types of cleaning at all, as it:

Suitable for most sofa materials.
It is also safe and does not depend on the use of chemicals.
You can clean, sterilize and perfume the sofa with a steam machine.
As it relies on steam rushing at a high temperature,

Which leads to the elimination of any microbes, mold or insects permanently,

It makes the sofa beautiful and clean and dissolves the toughest fat stains.

Important tips to keep the sofa clean
Do not use water to clean the sofa and moisten the inner filling of the sofa.
Quickly clean the stains from the sofa and not leave it to dry, and use the appropriate detergent.
Clean the dust periodically so that it does not penetrate the inner fabric of the sofa.
Test any cleaning materials for the sofa on a part that is not visible at first.
Clean the wooden and metal parts of the sofa using warm water and liquid soap.
The appropriate cleaning materials should be used for each type of sofa fabric.
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